Dear Lettering Box Community

Due to on going challenges we have been facing with logistics and relocating fulfillment issues, we have had to make a very heartbreaking decision and are
placing Lettering Box on hiatus for the next 3 months till November. We have had a very erratic shipping schedule as
a result of all the company changes that are currently taking place behind the scene. As a valued customer we feel your experience with us is suffering and
we cannot continue with subpar service so we have to temporarily put Lettering Box on hold while we implement the necessary changes needed. We would like
to thank you for your incredible patience and deeply regret all the miscommunication, frustration and disappointment caused due to this unfortunate set of events.

Emails are currently being sent out about how to handle active accounts. All outstanding boxes will be honored either for future boxes or a full refund will be issued.

Our website and social media pages will remain up and operational during this time with regular updates planned as we gear up for a November relaunch.

We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Lettering Box Team and Family
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Lettering Box , We Will Be Right Back!


Discover Lettering Supplies from different and exciting brands in the comfort of your home. Get a monthly box full of hand picked tools and learn from our creative team fun Lettering techniques.




How It Works



In just a few steps you will subscribe and choose a plan. The plans are flexible with 1, 3 and 6 month schedule. We even have a one time gift option for that special someone in your life.



Your box is sent out at the same time every month. Curated around a fun theme every month, get exciting supplies from your favorite brands. Also get to try exclusives products.



Now that you have your box, enjoy and have fun with your supplies. Use #myletteringbox to share unboxing and lettering creation with the rest of the Lettering Box Community.

Teaser Box

$17/ month

  • Easy on the budget
  • Smaller version of full box
  • Get inspired for less
  • 5-6 lettering supplies
  • Flexible plans
  • Cancel anytime

Workbook Plus

$35/ month

  • Workbook with tips & demos
  • Keep engaged all month
  • Full of inspired goodies
  • 8-10 lettering supplies
  • Flexible plans
  • Cancel anytime

Supplies Only

$35 / month

  • Load up on your supplies
  • Great price for your haul
  • Try and discover fun supplies
  • 10-14 lettering supplies
  • Flexible plans
  • Cancel anytime

Team Lettering Box

Meet the very talented lettering artists that work incredibly hard to put our monthly workbooks together. Everyone brings their special brand of talent to the table to create workbooks to keep you all inspired and engaged every single month. Let them walk you through your box.

The Creative Teams

Our brand ambassadors share and connect with lettering enthusiasts from all over the world. We want Lettering Box to have a global reach within the lettering community and our brand ambassadors will be sharing all their exciting supplies monthly with their local communities.

The Brand Ambassadors

Reason for Inquiry

Please select the purpose for your request.

Product Feature

If you are a brand and would like your product featured and one of our monthly boxes, we would love to hear from you. 

Artist Collab

Want to share your love for lettering with our wonderful Lettering Box community, then get in touch and lets collaborate. 

Host Meet-Up

Love getting your monthly boxes and want to share and connect with local lettering enthusiasts, host a meet-up/workshop. 


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