Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are The Subscription Plans?
A Lettering Box Full Size is $35
A Lettering Box Teaser is $17                                                                                                         A Lettering Box iPad Plan is $15

When does my Subscription Renewal?

After your first Box/iPad Plan your subscription renews on the 15th of every month.

How Much Is Shipping?
US – FREE,  Canada – $ 9.99,  International – $13.98

When Do Boxes/iPad PlanShip Out?

Boxes ship out the beginning of each month.

What comes in a box?
It’s a surprise every month, each box is curated around a different theme every month and you get 6-14 items depending on your box option.

What is in the iPad Plan?

Each iPad monthly plan consists of a step by step tutorial, exclusive brushes, drills and how to steps on creating digital lettering like a pro. 

My Box or iPad Download Did Not Arrive Or There Are Items Missing, What Now?
Contact our claims team directly through the claims tab or email

I Want To Cancel.
Cancel anytime for whatever reason we would be sad to see you go! This stops your account from renewing. Contact claims department. 

I Want A Refund.
For a refund please contact the Lettering Box Team. We can offer refund on subscriptions of 1, 3 or 6 month plans. You cannot get a refund if boxes have already shipped. iPad Plans are also non-refundable once they have been sent out. Contact claims department.